Residential Canopies

Canopies Can Increase The Value Of Your House
Exterior upgrades can significantly increase your home’s value at the time of resale and few improvements add more charm and interest than a perfectly styled awning or canopy. In fact, three of the four types of home improvement projects that most significantly increase a home’s value at the time of resale were exterior upgrades. And the same holds true for your business as well. Our designers can really boost your curb appeal by accenting your property’s best features or downplaying its flaws.

Deck, Patio and Backyard Canopies Extend Your Living Space

Awning for backyard patio or deck

By adding a canopy over a deck or patio, you can increase your living space and extend the seasons in which you can use your exterior areas. With a canopy, you’ll be able to enjoy your patio or deck during especially sunny days or in rainy weather. Pull-up or stationary window awnings, retractable awnings, and seasonal or year round patio covers are much more than just an cover. They enhance the aesthetics of your home, increase energy efficiency and consequently, save you money.

Home Awning Options

Retractable Awnings

Retractable window shade

With a retractable awning, you control the shade. Enjoy your outdoor living area more than ever with the convenience of total shade control. Extend and retract your awning with the turn of a handle or push of a button – it’s that simple. Your awning can be extended fully or partially and completely retracted to suit your desired amount of shade. Our strong, streamlined designs eliminate the need for support poles, so our awnings block only the sun or light rain, and not your view. Unlike permanent patio awnings, retractable awnings can be retracted during darker times of the day, or on cloudy days, to brighten the interior of your home naturally.

Sunscreens or Shades
Sunscreens or shades are the equivalent of window blinds, but for the exterior of your house. While interior blinds can only stop the sun and heat once they’ve made their way past your window and into your home, exterior window shades stop that heat from ever entering your home. This lack of “heat gain” can offer significantly greater reductions in your utility bills.

Patio and Deck Canopies

Awnings and Canopies from house entrance

Extend “the outdoor season” and get more usage from your patio or deck with a beautifully designed canopy.

Door and Window Awnings
Get protection from the elements, reduce your utility bills and add to your home’s curb appeal with door or window awnings. Plus, these awnings will extend the life of your doors and windows by protecting them from damaging sun and rain.

The Capital Canopies Difference

The master craftsmanship of our fabric shop is evident in every Capital Canopies product. Our talented seamstresses ensure that each canopy or awning produced has the perfect fit!

We also provide a Storage Service to our clients. We will take your awnings down in the fall, store your awnings in a climate-controlled building and reinstall in the spring.

Don’t forget to ask about our cleaning service for your awnings and canopies!!!

In addition to providing a complete awning or canopy installation (from the frame to the fabric covering), Capital Canopies can recover an existing frame even if another manufacturer installed that frame.

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We offer a full array of styles, colors and fabrics to match any home’s exterior. Whether you’re adding details to make a home feel more “old world” or you want a contemporary modern look, we can design the right awning or canopy for your home.

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